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Name Servers 


From the main Reseller panel , click the "Name Servers" icon.



The Name Servers feature allows you to create nameservers for your customer's web sites.  


For example, our customer (Username: gary) wants nameservers for his own domain (garys-domain.com).  That is, he wants to have ns1.garys-domain.com and ns2.garys-domain.com in his domain record instead of the Reseller's name servers.


Creating Name Servers


First, choose two IP addresses to put the name servers on.


In the above example we selected and, but we could have used .133 and .136.  It does not matter if the IP is owned by a different User, because web sites and name servers are completely seperate.


After you have checked the two IP addresses in the far-right column, select the customer's domain name from the dropdown box at the bottom of the table.  Then click the "Create Nameservers for" button.


This is what the table looks like with the new nameservers we added for our customer:



Note that the IP addresses for the nameservers still have "free" status, so you can use these IPs for hosting other sites.


Deleting Name Servers


To remove nameservers, place a check in the far-right column next to the nameservers you want to delete and then click the "Delete Nameservers" button.  If you delete your own nameservers, you can always create them again through this menu.


Warning:  Deleting your own nameservers may cause your site and the sites of your customers to stop working.


Need more help?


Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at https://forum.directadmin.com.


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